Meet face-to-face from anywhere, at any time. Connect your employees, clients, and partners with the power of video conferencing service provided by ADN Telecom.

Participants of video conference may be equipped with different sets of hardware. The simplest and cheapest among these would consist of a laptop or desktop with a webcam and a microphone. However, the professional grade Endpoints would ensure superior quality and give more technical controls over the session. Depending on clients need, ADN can help in setting up a conference room with large screen displays, high definition equipment, and infrastructure.

ADN Telecom offers customers the combined experience of decades, providing unmatched services – whether voice, data, video, wireless or wired. Unity delivers applications that can increase productivity, functionality, and competitive advantage for you while reducing network complexity and operational costs.


Ease of Use
Streaming & Meeting Management
Universal Interoperability
Screen & Application Sharing
Recording, Streaming
Conference room, video broadcasting


We will design a secure and scalable end-to-end solution to your specific needs, whether your organization is a large enterprise with locations across the country or small office serving the local community, ensuring your video conferencing service meets your present and future needs. As a business, you shall pick us due to the following reasons:

  • Cost Effective
  • Improved Productivity
  • Flexible
  • Voice Messaging
  • Easy Administration
  • Mobility