Nationwide Internet Service Provider License
This license allows ADN Telecom to build, maintain, operate and provide internet and data services throughout the country. It also allows ADN to operate its own access network and to provide special data services like MPLS, video conference, Local Loops of IPLC, IP-VPN etc. This license, along with frequency permission in different frequency bands, permits ADN to provide fixed broadband services.
Nationwide IP Telephony Service Provider License
Under this License ADN can establish, maintain and operate IP Telephony services throughout the country. IP Telephony is a commercial voice service, similar to that of the mobile/PSTN, but over internet protocol. ADN IP Telephone numbers start with the prefix ‘09610’. ADN can host short-code, provide Toll Free Number, E1 or SIP Trunk services under this license.
VSAT Provider with Hub License
Under this license, ADN can build, own and operate VSAT Hub for providing International and Domestic circuit, using satellite technologies
International Internet Gateway (IIG)
International Terrestrial Cable (ITC)
International Gateway (IGW)
Interconnect Exchange (ICX)