Tired of managing multiple vendors, complicated phone system protocols, or restrictive network solutions?  Want an office phone system that “just works," no matter your size, industry or need? Say goodbye to business communications complexity. ADN Telecom’s IP Telephony service streamlines the work of administrators and end users alike. Whether you want to simplify phone system management with a cloud-based VoIP phone service, maintain control with an on-premises phone system, or a hybrid of both, ADN can help.

ADN’s IP telephony service is designed to meet the expectations, timetable and budget of its customers. The company allows its subscribers to take the advantage of robustness and quality of service offered by today’s IP networks, by taking the voice beyond any boundary. Being one of the leading IP Telephony operator, we make use of the short code, “9610”. So, like the other common operators, our IP Telephony Service has some significant value among the respected clientages.


IP Telephony
E1/SIP Trunk
Call Center Solution
Conference Bridge
Toll Free Service
Video Recording
Short Code Parking
Hosted IP PBX
Video Broadcasting, & Streaming Service


  • Reliable Voice & Video Communication
  • Connected to Multiple ICXs and IGWs
  • Tailored Solution Specific to Client’s Need
  • Wide Range of VAS
  • Unparalleled Customer Care Support
  • Simplified Connectivity Solution