Internet Services

With an increased number of players in the ISP (Internet Service Provider) market. Choosing the right High-Speed ISP in Bangladesh was a mind-boggling task. Various ISP services are offered at competitive prices. Whereas ADN provides secured and reliable high speed internet service, anywhere in the country.

ISP stands for Internet Service provider. For people who run online businesses and for those who use the Internet for their work, it is very important that they get a reliable Internet service provider. A reliable ISP, likewise ADN Telecom, can increase business activity; those who run online businesses can have access to their websites and business transactions at any given time.

ADN reaches the clients using different media – wired, wireless and satellite, and serves them with the cutting edge technologies, such as WiMAX, WI-FI, SDH, and GEPON. As the leading and best ISP in Bangladesh, ADN delivers dedicated internet solution and ensures maximum uptime for the customers.

Beside standard service, ADN offers various VAS (Value Added Services) like Video Conferencing, Video Surveillance, IP-VPN, Web Hosting, Mailing Services, and so forth.


Fixed WiMAX
Protected Ring Network
Live Video Streaming grade speed
Static IP Assignment
Managed Hosting
Multiple Upstream through Submarine and Facilitation with Terrestrial Cable Network


While choosing a high speed Internet Service Provider (ISP), the choice is being made based on the reliability of the company. That company has to be in the market for a considerable time. ADN is no different than that. More intuitively, ADN Telecom has developed better expertise and brought a wider variety of choices of Internet Services to offer. Besides, our comprehensive technical support package is an added advantage to the deal. In short, the key benefits of choosing ADN as the very next ISP are as follows:

  • Superb Download and Upload Speeds
  • Consumer Friendly Costing Packages
  • Readily Available & Quality Technical Support
  • Decent Contention Ratio
  • 24X7 Customer Support