Empower your business to penetrate thousands of cities, including remote cities across Bangladesh, with our Global MPLS Service (Multiprotocol Label Switching) – A fully managed, highly secured private network service. The security of your data is crucial. With Global MPLS Service in Bangladesh, you can create a highly secure network.

Based on the widely accepted multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) technology, ADN Global MPLS Service empowers you to scale and manage your network according to your requirements, prioritize application traffic flow, protect data, consistent service level agreements (SLAs) and leverage on private IP peering technology to deploy information and communications technology (ICT) services in a single platform. ADN provides global MPLS services in partnership with the foreign carriers like SingTel, Tata, and Orange.

Using our Global MPLS service, you can connect multiple locations and users on a single private IP network. It’s also different from other enterprise solution provider because it lets you prioritize different traffic types, giving you low latency (data delay) and a superior end-user experience.


End-to-End Priority Services (QoS)
Standard, Premium Real Time, Business Critical service
Latest Traffic Engineering Facility
Resilient Network for Enhanced Business Scalability


From websites to communications to transactions, everything digital in your business relies on your ability to connect employees, partners or customers to your data and applications. As the backbone of your hybrid IT strategy, your network should be intelligent and automated. It needs to be responsive to the fluctuating demands of your application workloads. It should have greater reach in order to meet the cost and performance demands of your business, which is exactly what our Global MPLS solution does. You can enjoy the following facilities by taking ADN’s Global MPLS Service.

  • Reduce costs & improve agility with Robust Network
  • Highly Experienced in Offering Scalable Service
  • Cost-effective connectivity across multiple locations
  • Enhanced productivity and decision-making ability
  • IP traffic monitoring and management
  • Wider reach with a strong network presence.
  • Worldwide point-to-point and point-to-multiple connectivity
  • Simple and easy-to-manage tracking and reporting