Domestic MPLS

To be a Ready Business, your enterprise needs to constantly innovate and have faster speed-to-market. And as you expand your operations, a centralized IT infrastructure and the ability to collaborate effectively are vital. ADN understands your critical business requirement to connect & manage your offices in geographically diverse locations of the country. We have earned customers’ trust as Domestic MPLS service provider. We can help you in meeting your connectivity goals anywhere in Bangladesh. Through our state-of-the-art Domestic MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) services. This is a fully meshed with inbuilt redundancies.

Domestic MPLS service is a secure end to end private network connection over local IP backbone. The packets are labeled before sending so that destination is specified for a packet to take shortest routes enabling speed and security. Data transmission guaranteed and secured over IP network

ADN provides countrywide secured, cost-effective, simple and optimum data connectivity, harnessing the capability of Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology. ADN Telecom ensures connectivity at multiple locations converging voice, video, and data onto one network at required performance levels. Our customer for this service includes leading multinational companies, foreign and domestic banks, large business houses, SMEs of the country.


Cost savings
Disaster recovery
Multiple options for connectivity (Wired, Wireless)
QOS enablement
Future-proofing the network
End to end SLA’s on latency, uptime, and packet loss
Field support to the remotest locations
Improved performance
Low latency, high redundancy and secure network
Proactive 24x7x365 days network monitoring


ADN offers up and down complete solutions for network connectivity, providing flexibility and adaptability through tailored solutions and maximum coverage. ADN’s MPLS supports Class of Service by allowing real-time, mission-critical, transactional changes as per customer needs. Based on Class of Service attributes, we offer different packages. We have designed all our packages to carry standard business applications without any strict requirement in terms of packet delivery and delay constraints. Key benefits of choosing ADN Telecom’s Domestic MPLS connection service are as follows:

  • Robust network all year long
  • Multiple options for connectivity
  • Simplified Management and Support
  • Field support to the remotest locations
  • Scalable and redundant backbone architecture